СУДА В АРЕНДУ / ANJ / Marina 1400

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Big, spacious and easy to handle boat could welcome 2 or 3 families or groups. A very big living room with a sunroof.

This boat is very good value for money for the number of persons being able to live on board. It is particularly intended to welcome family groupings or constituted groups. 8 to 11 persons can take place aboard this boat.

Completely on the same level, it includes a very big square where easily more than 10 persons will have the pleasure to take place around two big tables. A big refrigerator electric freezer of 220L complete very usefully the kitchen area. The inside also consists of three cabins with double beds and three simple beds along the central corridor. We also find one toilets washbasin behind and a big corner gives a shower to toilets in the center of the boat.

In spite of its length, it behaves very easily of the back cockpit surmounted by a removable canopy. The safety is assured by double railings running everything around the boat. The roof and the sliding sides of the lounge allow to take advantage in good weather to eat and to discuss outdoors, while taking advantage of a fantastic view over the river. A small cockpit in front allows to hold the helm and to share friendly moments with crew members while discovering the nature.

The front of the boat proposes a part of terrace bring down reassuring by its shape of pond. A safety appreciated in the presence of children.

TO NOTE: boat completely on the same level.

one week - 2018 Prices 
24/3 - 6/4 & 20/10 - 11/11 1050€
7/4 - 27/4 & 29/9 - 19/10 1050€
28/4 - 29/6 & 1/9 - 28/9 1200€
30/6 - 13/7 & 25/8 - 31/8 1500€
14/7 - 24/8 1500€
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