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Теплоходы / Баржи-отели


Catalonia is an angling's haven. Enjoy the peace of the spanish life style, explore secular villages and taste the local specialties while enjoying your cruise on the waterways.

This is a nice cruise: 

Our Highlights : 

- Erbre valley 
- Port Aventura, one of the biggest amusement park in Europe
- Costa Dorada's famous beaches
- Tarragone : UNESCO heritage classified town
- Erbre river Delta and its rich eco-system 

In Catalan country, visit the fisherman’s paradise, starting from Riba Roja d'Ebre. 80 km of waterways offer anglers an abundant supply of fish of different varieties; the whole cast in splendid natural landscapes. You will find on-site advice and equipment.

A curiosity: in the middle of the artificial lake of Riba Roja d'Ebre is the top of the steeple of the city Fayon, submerged under water.
For family holidays: make the most your stay in Spain by visiting the Port Aventura amusement park in Tarragona. It’s just a car ride away. 

This is the nice cruise available :

Riba Roja d'Erbre - Port de Pobla Massaluca - Port de Faop - Mequinensa - Riba Roja d'Erbre


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