Here are some nice cruises : 

- Daon or Chenillé - Le Lion d’Angers - Segré - Daon or Chenillé  
70 km, 14 locks, 12 hours
- Daon or Chenillé - Entrammes - Daon or Chenillé
80 km, 24 locks, 13 hours

Mini week
- Daon or Chenillé - Entrammes - Le Lion d’Angers - Segré - Daon or Chenillé  
150 km, 38 locks, 22 hours
- Daon or Chenillé - Lion d'Angers - Segré - Lion d'Angers - Daon or Chenillé - Chateau Gontier - Daon or Chenillé
150 km, 22 locks, 17 hours.

One week
- Daon or Chenillé - Angers - Solesmes - Daon or Chenillé  
198 km, 30 locks, 34 hours
- Daon or Chenillé - Laval - Angers - Le Lion d’Angers - Segré - Daon or Chenillé  
170 km, 48 locks, 31 hours 
- Angers - Chenillé-Changé - Château-Gontier - Entrammes – Angers
252 km, 21 locks, 35 hours
- Daon or Chenillé - Le Mans  - one way  NEW
168 km, 28 locks, 28 hours 

Two weeks out and back
- Daon or Chenillé - Mayenne - Écouflant - Malicorne - Daon or Chenillé : 402 km, 112 locks, 68 hours 
Angers - Chenillé-Changé , Laval, Mayenne , Segré – Angers : 392 km, 35 locks, 80 hours
- Daon or  Chenillé  - Laval - Angers - Le Mans  - one way   NEW
274 km, 62 locks, 49 hours 

  • Daon  

A picturesque small village in the middle of  Mayenne Daon  is a true haven of peace with less than 500 inhabitants. 
The quiet, winding  Mayenne  river  invites you to  dwadle  along it. Here, there is no time to get bored as a surprise awaits you behind every curve and every tree: castles, pretty mills, small villages, churches, and many different types of birds...
With its rich and incomparable architecture, the  Mayenne  will transport you through all the periods of its history. 
Fishermen to your lines! Along the river you can fish for carp, catfish and many more!
Extend your trip to  Laval , a true city in the heart of the countryside. A cultural and architectural delight, this city will delight both adults and children alike! A journey to the heart of nature... 

To see:  floral locks, the viaduct of Laval, old city of Laval, the boat lavoir St Julien of Laval, the city of the lion of Angers (visit the hippodrome, etc), the abbey of the Port Salut (and its shop of monastic products), close to Segré discover the field of Small Couère (reconstruction of a village of the beginning of the century with its classroom, grocer and shoe-maker – Agricultural museum, collection of 40 old vehicles – animals – little scenic train).
To taste:  the white buttered zandar , the pommeau (local aperitif), the cider, pancakes, and potted mince of the Mans.
To know:  85 kms of towpath were restored all the way to the town of Mayenne , which offer several beautiful walks and/or bike rides.
Most Important:  locks: they are one of the largest if not the greatest attraction of Mayenne . Each one has its charm and its characteristic: lock grocer, lock restoring, lock exposure photographs and even… lock bakery with explanations on how bread used to be produced etc. Without forgetting the small taverns which offer good local dishes for low prices! 

  • Chateauneuf-sur-Sarthe , Le Mans, Angers 

The various rivers,  Mayenne Sarthe and Oudon , offer more than 300km of navigation. Here you have the opportunity to cruise through wooded landscapes and explore towns such as  Laval , with its castle that towers above the river, or  Angers , the town of the powerful King  René  from the  15th  century. You can also visit  Le Mans , known for car racing,  Solesmes  and its  Beddictine  Abbey , or  Sablé , where you can  savour  its delicious shortbread cookies.
The river  Sarthe  joins the river  Mayenne  near Angers. A visit to the Abbey of  Solemes  is a must, as is  Malicorne-sur-Sarthe , which is known for its china, and no one can miss Le Mans, of course. 

Navigation on the Mayenne  
A wild river of over 103km, the Mayenne will delight all those who search adventure and those who love nature. You can meander along this calm, roaming, green river and enjoy the passing scenery. 
Got a question about the area? Ask the lock keepers, it's their stories and knowledge which will bring the Mayenne to life for you. They'll be more than happy to help and advise you.
If the lockkeeper isn't there... you'll have to open the lock yourselves! Don't worry, this is a rather simple operation that you can achieve by working calmly with the help of your crew or people along the towpath. And it will be an excellent memory of your cruise! 

Navigation on the Oudon  
While flowing over 80km, the River Oudon is however only navigable from  Port Segréto to Mayenne , a length of about 18km which possesses 3 locks. 
This makes it one of the smallest,  navigable rivers in France . We also recommend stoking up on supplies such as food and water, as there is no access to provisions from Segré to the Lion of Angers. . 
Indeed, the River Oudon will take you into a wild landscape, in the middle of nature … 

Navigation on the Sarthe  
132km long,  the Sarthe  is a broad river which flows through a green countryside. Quiet, this river is punctuated by beautiful, flowered locks which are operated by hand by the local lock keepers who live there. These lock keepers will be able to advise you on the best activities and sights in the regions. On this river you will come across small accessible villages, castles, churches... This tranquil river will astonish you with its hidden treasures. 

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Penichette 1165 FB

3 stars 6 Permanent Berths 1 Temporary Berths

Rive 40

3 stars 6 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

Tarpon 32

3 stars 4 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

Tarpon 37

3 stars 7 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

Tarpon 42

3 stars 10 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

Eau Claire 930 Fly

2 stars 3 Permanent Berths 1 Temporary Berths

Espade Concept Fly

2 stars 6 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

Penichette 1020 FB

2 stars 5 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

Penichette 1120 R

2 stars 4 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

Penichette 1260 R

2 stars 6 Permanent Berths 4 Temporary Berths

Penichette 1400 FB

2 stars 8 Permanent Berths 1 Temporary Berths

Penichette 1500 R

2 stars 8 Permanent Berths 4 Temporary Berths

Triton 1050

2 stars 6 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

Triton 860 Fly

2 stars 3 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

Eau Claire 1130

1 stars 6 Permanent Berths 3 Temporary Berths

Fred 700

1 stars 2 Permanent Berths 1 Temporary Berths

Penichette 1107 W

1 stars 5 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

Penichette 935 W

1 stars 3 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths

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